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Cashback/Rebate Rate : 3% of tokens purchased. (Paid in HERO Token)

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Overview - Hero (Promoting Financial Inclusion, Transparency, and Efficiency in Southeast Asia)

Hero's mission is to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked, starting in Southeast Asia.
Two billion people, about 40% of the global population, are still unbanked or underbanked and cannot get access to affordable credit to allow them to go to school, remain healthy and grow their small businesses–credit remains a roadblock to economic prosperity for billions of people.
The Hero Capital Market Platform will utilize blockchain and smart contract technology which will enable a network of financial service marketplaces comprised of a series of interdependent and mutually reinforcing projects in the Southeast Asian market focused primarily on promoting financial inclusion, transparency, and efficiency by enabling the efficient, frictionless, legally enforceable, and profitable transfer of digital currency to/from local fiat currency in order to provide capital for individuals and businesses in markets that are currently excluded from transparent and efficient access to financial services.

About Hero

ico rating TBD

Overall Rating : 3.1/5
Company : PawnHero Philippines Pte Ltd.
Company Location : Philippines
Company Launch : 2017
Purchase Method : Ethereum (ETH)
Token Sale : 1 FEB – 28 FEB
Ticker : HERO
Token type : ERC20
ICO Token Price : 1 HERO = 3.68 USD
Fundraising Goal : 147,100,000 USD
Sold on pre-sale : 6,149,949 USD
Total Tokens : 50,000,000
Available for Token Sale : 80%
ICO Website :
ICO Whitepaper : View Whitepaper
ICO Roadmap : View Roadmap
Facebook : View on Facebook
Twitter : View on Twitter

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