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Cashback/Rebate Rate : 6% of tokens purchased. (Paid in Ether-ETH)

How To Open A New Account & Receive Cashback/Rebate?

1. To get Cashback/Rebate you have to first Sign Up for a free account.
2. After free Sign Up you must Sign In in your account.
3. Use the link(s) below to open a new account.
4. In your Dashboard Menu in Account Settings complete all fields.
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Overview - Vestarin (Cryptocurrency market place for goods & services)

Crypto world is in the infancy of its development and today it is not brought up to full strength. There is still no way to do everyday purchases, paying with crypto currency. For example, order a game console or TV, eat at a restaurant, pay maid service in crypto currency. It's about the daily expenses and the opportunity to spend the crypto currency without bringing it to fiat money.
We decided to fill the existing gaps, and create what is missing. Vestarin is a platform based on a mobile application that will allow you to make daily purchases, paying with crypto currency.

About Vestarin

ico rating AA

Overall Rating : 4.7/5
Company : Vestarin
Company Location : Belize
Company Launch : 2017
Purchase Method : Ethereum (ETH)
Token Sale : 30 JAN – 28 FEB
Ticker : VST
Token type : ERC20
ICO Token Price : 1 ETH = 3,000 VST
Fundraising Goal : 5,000 ETH
Sold on pre-sale : 2,144 ETH
Total Tokens : 165,000,000
Available for Token Sale : 82%
ICO Website :
ICO Whitepaper : View Whitepaper
ICO Roadmap : View Roadmap
Facebook : View on Facebook
Twitter : View on Twitter

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