Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Important CryptoCashbackRebate Policies
Multiple Accounts: Clients may only register a single CryptoCashbackRebate web account (not to be confused with exchange/ico accounts, you may add as many exchange/ico accounts as you like). If multiple CryptoCashbackRebate web accounts for the same user are discovered, all accounts beyond the first will be disabled.

Chargeback: CryptoCashbackRebate clients may have chargeback on their Crypto Exchange accounts, We will close their CryptoCashbackRebate accounts.
2) What is a "Round-turn"?
3) What is a Cashback/Rebate?
4) Is your service free of charge?
5) How do I start getting paid for my Trades/Purchases?
6) How can I see details of my Crypto Cashback/Rebate?
7) How can I be sure I wont pay the exchange/ico more, or suffer a loss in service?
8) Do my spreads/fees increase if I open an account through you?
9) What if I lose, do I get a cashback/rebate?
10) What if I win, do I still get a cashback/rebate?
11) Do I get cashback/rebates for purchasing tokens/coins from ICO launch?
12) I am a profitable trader, why do I need a cashback/rebate?
13) Does it matter what products I trade?
14) Does it matter what size my account I have? Can I be too small to qualify?
15) How do I know if this is for real?
16) Why should I follow instructions and register to get Cashback/rebate?
17) Is there any criteria I must meet to receive cashback/rebate?
18) When does my cashback/rebates show up in my account?
19) What payment method do you offer?
20) How do I provide my payment information?
21) How and when will I receive my cashback/rebates (Account balance)?
22) Cashback/Rebates will add monthly or weekly in my CryptoCashbackRebate Account?
23) Can you deposit directly in my trading account?
24) What do I do if I disagree with the amount of Cashback/rebate I received?
25) Can I get Cashback/rebate on exchanges/icos that are not listed?
26) Can I get Cashback/rebate on a exchange/ico I already have an account with?
27) Can you see my trades or have access to my trading account?
28) What if I signed up under your link and forgot to add account details in my profile?

Crypto Cashback Rebate is owned and operated by Kapsus Technologies Limited. Clients must be at least 18 years old to use the services of Kapsus Technologies Limited.
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